Our staff met this morning (Wed, March 18) and had a very meaningful time of prayer and planning. Thanks for your encouragement and support. As with any mission trip, the key words moving ahead will be flexibility and teamwork.


Here is our plan for the upcoming weeks: 


1. Communicating with You 

  • Emails from Owen and other ministry leaders

  • Emmaus Facebook and Instagram pages (@emmausokc)

  • Website with Up-to-Date Information - www.emmausokc.org/updates.

  • *We want you to be cared for and informed. If you have questions or needs, don’t hesitate to contact any of the staff. If you don’t have our information, call the main church number (405-691-6646). This number will forward to one of the staff.

  • Always feel free to email me directly at owen@emmausokc.org. 

2. Building Closed until April 5th 

  • All uses of the building and activities are canceled until April 5th.

  • The church office is closed, but we’re available anytime through phone or email.

3. Sunday 10:30am Worship Gathering Online for March 22, March 29, and April 5 

  • No gatherings at the building through April 5th...but church isn’t canceled!

  • On Sunday mornings at 10:30am, we will have a 45-60 minute worship service streaming live on our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/emmausokc/).

  • After the service, playback of the video will be available on our Facebook page. 

  • If you don’t have Facebook, the service will stream on our website at https://www.emmausokc.org/live 

4. Adult Sunday School Classes using multiple plans to stay in touch 

  • No classes or groups at the building on March 22, March 29, or April 5. 

  • For these weeks, each adult Sunday School class will develop a plan that works best for their class. You will be hearing from your class leader and/or Jeff Hemphill soon. Contact your leader or Jeff (jeff@emmausokc.org) with questions.

  • Other groups, such as NEST, Financial Peace, and Men’s/Women’s groups will be contacted by their leaders for follow up and plans.

5. Kids 

  • Fun, interactive activities will be posted every other day by Emmaus Children on Facebook. These are designed to be simple ways for your family to get in the Word together, and then have fun doing a follow-up activity. We’ll encourage you to post your creations to share after each one! 

  • Their class leaders will stay in touch with them through phone calls and cards.

  • If you have any questions, contact Courtney (courtney@emmausokc.org)

  • Compass Christian Preschool is following the calendar and closings from Moore Public Schools. Contact Crystal (compass@emmausokc.org) with questions. 


 6. Students 

  • Students are planning to connect online (likely through Zoom and GroupMe), and Jeron is developing discipleship and ministry options for their group. 

  • Adult encouragers will check in with students/families for encouragement.

  • If you have any questions, contact Jeron (jeron@emmausokc.org).

7. Ministry and Mission Opportunities 

  • If you know of people in need, or would like to help us meet needs, please email Jim (jim@emmausokc.org) or call him at 405-514-5710. 

  • The best way to be on mission right now is to check on the people in your neighborhood and spheres of influence. 

  • *We have an incredible opportunity to proclaim and display Jesus in our neighborhoods and to all nations.

8. Daily Facebook Video and Email from Owen

  • Each day, Owen (and often another staff member) will host a short, 5-10 minute Facebook Live devotion and conversation. These devotions will be based on the “Easter 40 Days of Prayer” emails, which have already been going out daily. 

  • The Facebook video will also include ministry ideas, encouragement, and prayer. 

  • If you don’t currently receive the “Easter 40 Days of Prayer” emails but would like to, please contact me (owen@emmausokc.org) to be added to the list.

9. Financial Giving

  • Online giving options are available at www.emmausokc.org/give

  • You can continue to mail offerings to the church office (16001 S. Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK, 73170).


Serving with you for Jesus' sake,


Dr. Owen Nease