This month we are excited to be bringing a little extra attention

to the topic of technology. We want to equip you to be aware

of the dangers of tech and how to biblically navigate them for

you and your family. But we also want you to see the value

technology brings to advancing the kingdom of God.


Potentially we may find ourselves in one of two different camps.

In one camp there is an “over-abundance” of tech consumption

purely centered around selfish and entertainment reasons. It will

be healthy to consider how often we are on our phone or how

many shows we consume on netflix.  In the other camp there is

an “over-avoidance” of tech consumption because of the notion that all tech is evil.  In an attempt to insulate ourselves from evil its possible to go so far that we isolate ourselves and cut off opportunities to be a light in the darkness.


With all the dangers that come with technology there are also so many good things to steward as we seek to proclaim & display Jesus.  In seconds we can connect with others in our community or with others around the world.  Social Media is an amazing platform to share stories, post pictures, & leave comments that procalim & display Jesus to the masses. Not to mention, the countless resources at our to find help or to serve those around us.


Ultimately, we need to see technology as more than mere entertainment but as a tool to help us see Jesus better, as well as, proclaim & display Him.  It will require the Holy Spirit, discernement, and the help of wise people in our lives to be faithful stewards of technology. We must be found faithful!  Let’s not be wasteful with technology.  Let’s leverage it for the kingdom of God. 

Action Steps

Action Step 1: Carve out some time to have discussions with your family and/or friends about the usage of tech in and outside your home.  Be willing to talk honestly about how you utilize technology for good and how it has served a kingdom purpose in your life. Talk about changes you want to commit to in order to leverage technology to proclaim & display Jesus.


Action Step 2: Consider downloading the App, “Unreached Of The Day”. This app highlights a different people group each day that has not been reached with Gospel of Jesus Christ. Use it a few times this week at dinner with your family to be engaged with people who are far from the Lord.  Take time to learn about their culture and how you can pray specifically for them.


Action Step 3:  Thanks for checking out the website. Make sure you take time to look at all the different resources including recommended books, online articles, and apps to help you navigate the ever evolving world of technology but also leverage it to proclaim & display Jesus.  Consider bookmarking so you van visit the website each week as we add new resources.


Don't forget about the Tech Workshops next Sunday, Feb 10th during the 9:15 hour!

  • Guiding Families Through Technology: Worship Center with Matt Moseley

  • Navigating & Leveraging Technology as a PreTeen (4th-6th Graders): Room 147 with Courtney Ingram

  • Navigating & Leveraging Technology as a Teen: Youth Lounge with Zach Milstead

  • Navigating & Leveraging Technology for the Gospel (any Adult): Conference Room with Jeff Hemphill