Proverbs 22:3 “The prudent see danger and take

refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the


We have learned about the good of technology,

but as we live in a fallen world even good gifts have

potential dangers. As we steward technology for the

glory of God and the good of others the worst thing

we could do is to ignore or minimize those dangers

for ourselves, as well as, the souls God has

entrusted us to oversee.  We don't have to fear

these dangers but we do need to be aware and

intentional about how we deal with the dangers. 




Action Step 1: Educate yourself!  If you have souls, regardless of age, that you have been entrusted to oversee, what apps are on their phone or tablet?  Do you actually know their function?  Are their questionable advertisements on these apps?  Are people able to message your kid through these apps?  Please refer to the below resources to find help.


A lot of parents wonder at what age they should get their kid a smartphone.  The answer is first not about the child but about the parent.  If you’re not ready to invest a lot of time overseeing your kids tech usage and instructing them how then it’s not time.  On average a child gets their first smartphone at 10 years old.  


Action Step 2: Educate your family! If you have tech devices in your home, and much more, if you’ve determined your child to be mature enough to use a smartphone then they should be mature enough to handle specific, and probably difficult conversations about the dangers. Emmaus I love you and because I do, I need to say this, neglecting these conversations, not asking probing questions, and an unwillingness to investigate is lazy and foolish. 


Action Step 3: Get Help! With the number of people in this room the chances are high that many of us have been impacted by cyberbullying, pornography, minors being messaged by predators, or other dangers.  The best thing we can do is to bring light to the darkness. There’s no place for shame and guilt at the foot of the cross.





WeZift.com/parent-portal/  App Advisor, Tech Parent Guides, etc

Your Digital Footprint Matters: 10 minute video produced by Moore Schools

Pornography: Several articles about the temptation and struggle of Pornogrophy.


Online Predators

General Internet Safety