Sunday nights during the school year are times where various ministry opportunities can be pursued, primarily outside of the church building. We explain this using the acronym F.L.E.X.


Fellowship - This is time to get together with other believers and encourage one another, discuss scripture, confess sin, pray for each other, etc. This can happen in a small group, around a coffee table, at the driving range, wherever! If you’re interested in small groups please contact Jeff Hemphill (

Potential Activities:

  • Small Groups

  • SS Fellowships

  • Dinner with other believers

  • Men’s Groups (Room 200, 8PM Most Monday nights, 8AM Most Saturday mornings, Please call beforehand to confirm schedule.

  • NEST

Leadership Development

  • Leadership Development - This will be short term, specialized studies and meetings offered at various times throughout the year.

  • Potential Activities:

  • Financial Peace University

  • Griefshare

  • SS Leadership Meetings

  • Women’s Bible study


Evangelism - Taking an opportunity to identify the lost people in your life and build a relationship with them for the intent purpose of sharing the Gospel.

         Potential Activities:

  • Inviting a lost coworker over to your house for dinner

  • Hosting a neighborhood picnic

  • Bake something to gift to someone 

  • Get out in public to share faith (waiter, cashier, etc.)


Taking time to rest physically and engage in activities that recharge you spiritually.

Potential Activities:

  • Spend time doing something fun with your family like games or out bowling

  • Eat dinner together

  • Family worship such as reading the Route 66 plan and/or singing worship songs

For more information about Sunday Night options email Jeff Hemphill,

Discipleship Ministry Director