EmmauStudent Parenting Resources

EmmauStudent Ministry desires to come along side families to encourage and equip them so that the Gospel instructs families how to live for the Glory of God within the walls of their home as well as for the mission of God around them. We hope this page proves to be a valuable resource for the families of Emmaus. If you have specific questions or even ideas how this page can best encourage and equip families please contact the Student Ministry office.

Recommended Books

The Gospel-Centered Parent

Girl Talk Mother-Daughter Conversations on Biblical Womanhood

Time for The Talk Leading Your Son Into True Manhood

Sex, Dating, Relationships

Parent Articles

What Does Deuteronomy 6 teach us about parenting?

Foundation Study

Internet Resources


A Prayer for Trusting God With Our Kids

Family Life Today

D6 Family

Rooted Ministry

Plugged In

Family Discipleship Resources

Family Discipleship Guide (Village Church)

Intentional Parenting

Family Worship 101

Radical.net Family Worship Guides

30 Days