This Fall at LOOP we will be focusing on the topic of Anxiety.  Here's a breakdown of our schedule and the content we will be covering each night. LOOP will begin each Sunday night at 5pm and end at 7pm.  Loop will be at Chad and Andrea Cobble's house.   

Weekly Schedule

Sept 15 :: Loop Launch - Week 1

Sept 22 :: Week 2

Sept 29 :: Week 3 (Jeron will be gone)

Oct 6 :: Week 4

Oct 13 :: No Loop... Women's Worship Night & GUYS Corn Toss Tourney

Oct 20 :: LOOP Fellowship (Cow Tongue Football & Bonfire) *Still Working on details

Nightly Schedule

Depending upon certain fellowship activities we could potentially flip this schedule by starting with the video and discussions and closing out with the fellowship aspects. 

5:00  ::  Fellowship & Snacks

5:45  ::  Introduction & Prayer

5:50  ::  Play Video

6:00  ::  Group Discussion over the video

6:15  ::  Group Bible Study

6:40 ::  Wrap Up and Hangout.  

Volunteer Responsibilities

Volunteers: Jarrod & Erin Smith, Richard & Amy Hillis, Chad & Andrea Cobble, Kyliegh Sands, & Bailey Antrim.  We may have other Youth Workers show up just to hang out and interact but you all will be the consistent team to facilitate each night. 


I am somewhat unsure of how many students will show up for Loop.  Regardless, we have two ways we could go about facilitating conversation and interaction.  When it comes to the Group Discussion & Bible Study they are very discussion oriented.  There is no lecturing needed.  This will give us flexibility. 

If on any given Sunday night we have a small group of students we can simply divide them up among the adults and help facilitate discussion.  If the group tends to be larger we can divide them up and let them be more student led and we can over see that and be present in case they have questions. 

Personally, I'm in a season where I am trying to do more in the way of equipping and supporting volunteers to lead rather than do all the leading.  So ideally, I would love each Sunday night for one of you or even if you all partnered up to be the lead person who transitions from one thing to the next.  Below is the material we will be using.   

Weekly Content

Week One (Sept 15) :: Anxiety Part 1 Video  |  Anxiety Part 1 Discussion Handout

Week Two (Sept 22) :: Anxiety Part 2 Video  |  Anxiety Part 2 Discussion Handout

Week Three (Sept 29) :: Anxiety Part 3 Video  |  Anxiety Part 3 Discussion Handout

Week Four (Oct 6) :: Anxiety Part 4 Video  |  Anxiety Part 4 Discussion Handout