We want to honor your Graduate by recognizing you in our morning service on Sunday, May 3rd.  We also will be presenting a gift to you and provide a luncheon for you and your family following the morning service in the Chapel at 11:45 am. All family members are welcome to the luncheon.  Immediate family members can attend for free and all other relatives require a $5 per person payment to help offset the cost for food.

If Your Graduate would like to be involved here's what we need... 
 1) Please register your graduate here. (This registration will secure your graduate's invovlement in the recognition service and/or the luncheon) 
 2) Email Jeron a digital copy of your senior pic or most recent photo. 
 3) Email Jeron a digital copy of "through the years" pictures. (No more than 10 pics please)

Please secure your graduate's involvment as soon as possible, but the absolute deadline is Wednesday, April 22nd to register and turn in all pictures! We need sufficient time to plan and prepare for your BIG day!  Thanks for your help.


Graduate Tables 
Also, each student will be given a 6 foot table that will be in the lobby of the Worship Center to place pictures & other items regarding the student’s life.  The only stipulation is that nothing can go on the wall.  All items and/or pictures must stay on the table.  The tables will be made available to you to decorate on Wed, April 29th so they can be visible to the church Sunday morning, May 3rd.  In the past, most people usually decorate their tables on Sunday morning.  Whatever works best for you!  Utilizing your Senior table is optional!


Specific Graduates Day Instructions 
Please arrive Sunday morning in the Worship Center at 10:00 am SHARP with your gown. Wearing your gown is not required.  We will go over last minute instructions for your recognition.  Luncheon will follow at 11:45 am in the Chapel for those that turned in their RSVP.