What is the Difference Between Reacting and Responding? (part 2)

What is the Difference Between Reacting and Responding? (part 2)

It’s time again for our online parenting class. I hope you are enjoying the bite-sized parenting encouragement.

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This month we are talking about how to RESPOND to your teenager instead of REACTING to your teenager.

If you missed last week’s online class, you can go here to find it online.

Did you do your homework from our last online class? Have you looked up Proverbs 15:1?  Have you put it to heart yet? 

This great truth is the first thought that you can bring to your minds and hearts when your teenager opens the door of frustration in your relationship.

But for this lesson I am going to suggest to you three quick thoughts that you can go through like a checklist in your head to keep you from losing your temper:

1) Pray this short prayer first: “God give me grace in the moment”. It is IMPOSSIBLE to maintain control of your emotion apart from the grace of God, so be willing to ask for it.  Feel the desperation of the moment in your own ability.  You CAN't do but you can have hope in the ONE who CAN! 1 Corinthians 15:10

2) Ask yourself, “What can I teach them right now?” This thought will keep you focused on the greater parenting task which is teaching them the beliefs and life skills they need to become an adult.  Remember God has placed your kiddos in your life and has ordained you to lead and instruct them.  Every difficult moment was not crafted to frustrate and disapoint you but so that you would have the opportunity to teach them.  These moments can be the greatest classroom of life.  As a parent, you shouldn't be caught off guard by these moments becasue your sopn/daughter has a lot to learn.  They are still growing. If you get distracted by the frustration or disapointment you'll lose a valuable opportunty. Proverbs 22:6

3) Consider the context. What physical changes could be causing this behavior? What relational pressures or circumstances might be fueling your teenager’s emotional response?

Here is a 6 minute and 29 second video from a recent Parent Seminar that talks more about understanding the Physical Changes that are going on inside of your teenager. Understanding these changes can give you the context you need to RESPOND instead of REACT to their wild mood swings. Follow this link to watch the video: http://vimeo.com/parentministry/review/48888063/ff98940e88

Thanks again for being a part of this online parenting class.

My goal is to encourage you, and open the lines of communication between our church and your home. With that in mind, feel free to email me any questions or prayer requests you may have.

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