Technology Month

Below are a few resources we have researched to help you in the ever changing world of technology. We will be updating the web links each week for the Sunday Highlights. Toward the bottom you can find some books and online resources.






                                        Free Preview


AXIS Social Media Conversation Guide

WATCH: Ben Stuart - Has Your Phone Become an Idol?

Nine Ways to Make Social Media More Christian

Center for Humane Technology

Internet Monitoring/Filtering: Disney Circle & Gryphon Connect

Fortnite & Your Family  

Why Family Dinner Still Matters



EMMAUS: Did you know we have our own app? Check it out. Apple or Android

RIGHTNOW MEDIA: Get access to large quantities of solid video bible studies over the web or through your phone/tablet.  Email us for your free log in. 

ECHO: A free app to help you keep track of prayers, reminds you to pray throughout the day, & lets you share prayer requests with others. 

3 CIRCLES: Life change begins with a conversation.  This free app is a visual tool to help you navigate a conversation about the hope we have in Jesus.

1CROSS: This is another app to assist you in sharing your faith through videos with the option of using different languages.

DEVOHUB: Download this while at Emmaus and it's free.  It offers several devo options to encourage you in your walk with Jesus. 

The BIBLE: A free app to help you engage the Scriptures or even share the Scriptures via text or social media.

STORYBOOK BIBLE FOR KIDS: This free app offers kid friendly navigation with 41 Bible stories that also utilize games and activities to help kids remember what they are learning.