Introduction...Here We Go!

Introduction...Here We Go!

Dear EmmauStudent Parents,

You are the greatest influence in the life of your teenager.

Research proves it time and again your voice is the loudest in their life. That is a great opportunity for you to make a forever impact in the life of your teenager.

It is also a great opportunity for the EmmauStudent Ministry to partner with you and cheer you on in the process.

For that reason, we are launching online parenting classes VERY SOON!

Encouragement and truth will be sent to you in the form of articles, videos, and messages each month via email and then we will post these resources online at for archival purposes.

While we still value gathering EmmauStudent parents together tangibly we've chosen to do this online instead of asking you to come to the church for meetings, because we respect the fact that you have a very busy schedule. Now through this online class you can receive encouragement in your pajamas if you want!

Please feel free to email me and share with me any thoughts about topics you would like to be covered. And of course, always feel free to email with your prayer requests.

It is my great honor to serve your family and to cheer you on as you lead your teenager spiritually!

I canʼt wait to get this started!

Your Partner,

Student Pastor, Emmaus

P.S. I also plan to take advantage of social media to occasionally share encouragement and information about parenting.  If you are on twitter please follow me: @emmaus_parents or join our facebook group at @EmmauStudentOKCParents