Planning "On Purpose” Time With Your Teenager

Planning "On Purpose” Time With Your Teenager

Dear Parent,

The phrase for this month that we are focusing on is “on purpose.” There are so many things that we give priority to and make sure that we are intentional about. Is spending time with your teenager one of those things? Are you “on purpose” or intentional about scheduling a specific time with your teen with no outside distractions? Do you think your teenager even cares?

Whatever areas of our lives lacks intentionality will get passed over or forgotten. We are only given one family. How will we invest in them this year? Regrets are a part of life. We are human. But we sure don't want to regret missing out on opportunities to invest in our relationship with our teens! How might your home look different if you began to be very intentional with your family? How might your kids be influenced in how they parent years from now if you spend more quality time with them? Think about it. Ask God to help you not to waste your life on worthless things when He has placed people of worth within the walls of your home.

Take a moment if you will and watch this video about what our teenagers think about spending “on purpose” time with their parents. It might just surprise you!

Psalm 127, Philippians 2:3-4, Pslam 119:37

Your Partner in Parenting,