Deacons are the Leading Servants in the Church. Every member is called to serve, but Deacons lead the way in organizing teams, caring for widows, making sure no one is overlooked, and displaying a life of humble care for those in need. 

With Acts 6:1-7, 1 Timothy 3:8-12, and 1 Timothy 5:1-16 as a foundation, Deacons:

-care for widows,
-meet physical needs that arise in the Church,
-seek to preserve unity when points of division arise,
-serve as examples of Christian character and witness,  
-assist the Senior Pastor and Ministry Staff in administration of the Ordinances, and
-lead service teams throughout the Church.

Deacon Teams at Emmaus include Hospital Visitation, Lord's Supper/Baptism, Prayer Room, Hospitality/Greeting, Nursing Homes/Homebound, Support/Coaching, and Helps/Service.

List of Active Deacons

Anderson, Mark
Bynum, Bob
Corn, Greg
Darling, Larry
Elliston, Rich
Greenfield, Justin
Hardin, Tim
Hillis, Richard
Hinkley, David
Husted, Darrell
Ingram, Bruce
Kitchen, John
Laib, Brian
Loyd, David
McCoy, Dale
Meyer, Jeff
Neal, Arthur
Noble, Kenny
Raper, Dub
Robie, Brian
Shaw, Gary
Stewart, Dan
Stull, John
Vass, Eddie
Watford, Paul
Whitmill, Matt
Whitten, Dustin
Wilkinson, Bryan